How To: Create Virtual Folders In Titan Nextgen

How To: Create Virtual Folders In Titan Nextgen

Titan Nextgen Builds 1.x and above.


How can I create virtual folders in Titan Nextgen?


I would like to be able to provide access to folders which are outside of the home folder in order to grant users access to other resources without compromising security.


You have the option in Titan Nextgen create a virtual folder which will appear as another folder in the user’s home folder.


  1. Navigate to the Files/Directories tab at the user/group/server level, depending on who you want to give access to said virtual folder.

  1. Click on the “+” icon on the far right hand side.
  2. Input the actual path of the folder you want to give access to and give it a name which will be only visible by the user in their home folder. 

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  1. Apply the necessary permissions in the above screen by enabling the check boxes below the path.
  2. Click on Add.

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