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    • Recent Topics

    • Regarding FIPS mode

      Dear Titan FTP Team, I request that TitanFTP Enterprise also have a FIPS mode, as I would like to see it. If administrators could easily create FIPS 140-2 compliant secure servers, it would improve the satisfaction of many customers. With security risks
    • Where is the user manual for TitanFTP NextGen?

      Why are there no current manuals available on the website? The one for TitanFTP is dated 2018. This link below is supposed to be for the latest version of Cornerstone but you get a "500 internal error" when trying to access it. I would like to understand
    • Addition of WebDAV protocol

      Dear Sales Team and Development Team, I understand that it exists at CSMFT. However, I believe that many customers cannot afford it due to cost or lack of skills and experience of the administrators. I request to add WebDAV protocol to Titan FTP Enterprise
    • Regarding the time zone used for logging

      Dear development team, I made an inquiry on the title matter on another ticket. Titan FTP NextGen logs use UTC+0 time and I learned that the Titan FTP feature does not allow me to change the time zone. I know that Titan FTP is used in several countries.
    • Ability to limit memory usage

      Hello, I have received feature requests for titles from several end users. They want to limit the amount of memory available for each server created by Titan FTP. I would like to see a memory limit field added to the service tree (protocol tab) or connection
    • Deny all but import IP Addresses

      Hey all, I have a need to deny all IP's except those listed. The list is well over 200 IP's. Is there in import feature, or file I can paste these into? I am limited to 1 hour, preferably less maintenance window. I understand it won't apply until I select
    • Logging Granularity

      There are times when I want to monitor activity for a particular customer's activity.  Sometimes new FTPS customers have issues for one reason or another.  I want to make sure they were able to logon for the first time.  I want to be able to see if an
    • IIS Physical Path for public facing portal

      I have inherited this system from a previous employee. We host everything on prem, and it seems that he may have been testing out some other solutions for FTP near the end of his time here, and had swapped the physical path for another service. I am going
    • Titan FTP Server ability to Create and Send the Download Link to recepient.

      Titan FTP Server should have the ability to create and send the link for the download files , it will avoid the sharing of user ID and password for the downloads.
    • Change password through sFTP/SSH

      Hello, I've recently set up an sFTP server using the Titan Cloud product.  I can see that suers can change their passwords throught the SITE PWD feature of FTP however I am wondering if it is possible to allow sers to change their passwords using the
    • Is it SFTP still working meanwhile I Disable SSH ??

      I Have Titan FTP, Is it SFTP still working meanwhile I Disable SSH ?
    • Titan on Linux

      Add the ability for Titan Server to run on Linux
    • Whitelist Wildcard Support and Support for Host Names

      Ability to Whitelist entire host names (using a wildcard), instead of needing to list every IP Address the team may use, especially if not static or if many IP Addresses.
    • Geolocation-based Banning of Connections

      Ability to ban connections based on Geolocation (instead of needing a specific IP Address to ban)
    • Add support for DMZedge Server on Linux

      Add the ability to run DMZedge Server on a Linux platform
    • Popular Articles

    • How-To: Determine which program is using a given port

      To discover which program is using a given IP address and port number on the computer click on the Start button in Windows and type 'CMD' when the CMD icon appears in the list, right-click on the icon and Run As Administrator in the command prompt ...
    • How can I allow users to change or reset their password?

      Titan and Cornerstone support the ability to allow users to change their own password through either an FTP client or through the Web UI/Browser. Go to the Connections node then the Connections Advanced tab for the server, group or user and check the ...
    • What is the difference between Active (PORT) mode and Passive (PASV) mode?

      Active (PORT) mode: In active (port) mode the FTP client specifies the data port that the FTP server is going to connect on and waits for the FTP server to connect. The IP address and port number are sent to the FTP server by the FTP client using the ...
    • How can I allow users to change their password?

      Titan and Cornerstone support the ability to allow users to change their own password. Go to the Connections node then the Connections Advanced tab for the server, group or user and check the option Allow change of password (SITE PSWD). The user can ...
    • Can I use Windows NT Authentication with Titan FTP Server?

      Yes. Titan supports Windows NT Authentication against Windows servers running Active Directory. The PC on which Titan FTP Server is installed must either be the Primary Domain Controller, or it must be a member of the domain. For more information see ...