How-To: Create a Virtual Folder

How-To: Create a Virtual Folder


How do I give a user access that is outside of their home folder?


There are shared folders located on the network that users may need access to in order to access or upload files. It would be very convenient to be able to provide this access in Titan without the need of a second account.


You can create a virtual folder which would point to a folder within your network and the user would just see this folder within their home directory.


  1. Navigate to Files/Directories and click on the “Virtual Folders” tab.

  1. Click on Add button.
  1. Browse to the desired path and you can even create a new folder if needed.

  1. Click on Next.
  2. Specify the permissions.

  1. Configure the folder name as it will appear for the user

  1. Click on Finish.

NOTE: If creating a virtual folder to a UNC path, please ensure Titan has an account that has permissions to access said folder.

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