Where are my Registration Codes and license activations?

Where are my Registration Codes and license activations?

When you first install SRT software, it will be running in evaluation or trial mode. In this mode, it will run fully functional for a period of time to allow for the full evaluation of the entire feature set prior to deciding if you wish to purchase the software.

Once the software has been purchased, you will receive an email confirmation which contains the purchase receipt and also an email containing the product registration codes needed to activate the product. The product registration codes will convert the evaluation/trial version into the fully registered version of the software. There is no need to download a different version of the software. These product registration codes are also referred to as regcodes.

To activate your software, run the main administration console for the server product you have purchased and enter the new registration code under the File -> License Information menu.  When the license activation window appears, there may already be a registration code present. If so, simply Deactivate the old product registration code, paste or type in the new registration code, and then Activate the new code. Depending on how many modules you have purchased for the product, you may have to activate the main regcode, close the window, and then open it again to activate the subsequent module regcodes.

One important note: Each major version of the software has a unique registration code, and each year when you purchase an Update for your maintenance & support, you'll receive a new regcode. It's important to deactivate the old regcode and activate the new regcode once it arrives. Failure to activate the software with the new product registration code could prevent the software from downloading the latest hot fixes and patches required to run. Having a unique product registration code for each version also means that if you are running Titan 2018 and you purchase an upgrade to Titan 2019, you'll want to download the latest Titan 2019 edition, install the 2019 update over 2018, and activate Titan 2019 with your 2019 regcode. Updating to the latest build is transparent, all configuration information is retained, and is necessary to ensure the integrity of the software.

If you have lost your product registration code, please see this article for obtaining it.

We also have a customer portal which is useful for managing your product registration codes and clearing out old activations for lost computers. Our customer portal is located at https://activate.southrivertech.com/CIS/. Log in using your product registration code as your username, and your email address as the password. If you have lost this information, please contact us.