Removing a user via the Registry

Removing a user via the Registry

Problem: Corrupted user accounts and how to remove a user via the Registry

Answer: Have you restarted the Titan Daemon from the Services Applet panel? If so, and the problem still persists, please do the following:

If the configuration for Titan has been stored in the Registry, you may have a corrupted user entry in your Registry. Close down the Titan Admin console. If you can, stop the service, if not, you may still continue.

Launch the Registry, browse HKLM, locate the South River Technologies folder, select Titan FTP Server, select Servers, browse each folder labeled with a number (you can search on ServerName on the right-hand side to find your FTP server), and expand to see the Users section (you can search for Username to find the User on the right-hand side). The users will be assigned a random numbered folder. Browse to you locate the user's folder and rename that folder to folderold. Go back to the Titan console, and try removing the user.       
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