NX: DMZedge Server System Requirements

NX: DMZedge Server System Requirements

The following lists the minimum system requirements for running DMZedge Server - NextGen Edition

Supported Operating Systems

  1. Windows Server 2016 or later, all 64-bit editions (32-bit is not supported)
  2. Windows 10 Professional TH1 1507 or later, 64-bit (32-bit is not supported)
  3. The Web-based Admin Console and the WebUI require the latest versions of Microsoft
    Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) is not

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  1. 2 GHz Pentium class processor or better is required, multi-core is recommended
  2. 8GB RAM is required, 16GB or more is recommended for production systems
  3. SVGA (1024x768) resolution display or better is required to run the Administration Console program

Minimum Software Requirements

  1. Microsoft .NET Core v3.1 is required and is included in the installer
  2. Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Server Express 2019. SQL Express is included with the installer
  3. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is not required but recommended. SSMS is available on the Microsoft website.

Product Limitations

  1. Titan FTP Server, Cornerstone MFT Server and DMZedge Server are multi-threaded, dynamic server solutions built for the Microsoft Windows operating system. While designed to handle an unlimited number of user connections and configurations, like all software they are limited by the resources of the underlying hardware; most notably, those limitations imposed by memory and the Windows networking subsystems.

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