Migrating from Registry to SQL Database (Titan 7 MFT to Cornerstone 8)

Migrating from Registry to SQL Database (Titan 7 MFT to Cornerstone 8)

NOTE: This process does not require a restart. However, it does require you to install a local instance of SQL Express if you will be using SQL authentication instead of Windows Authentication. SQL Express installer can be found under C:\Program Files\South River Technologies\Titan MFT Server\. 

If you select Install SQL Server Express 2005 now, the installation wizard will guide you through the process. If you are installing SQL Server Express, you must also install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express. For more information, see http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=C243A5AE-4BD1-4E3D-94B8-5A0F62BF7796&displaylang=en

1. Back up the Registry. 
To back up the registry:
  1. Open Regedit. 
  2. Go to HKLM\Software\South River Technologies\. 
  3. From the main menu, select File>Export. 
  4. Save the file in Win 9x/NT format. 
All existing configuration information will be retained by Cornerstone MFT.

2. Launch Migration Wizard
In the Titan Admin Console, highlight the existing FTP server, then from the menu, select Server| Migrate Server. This will launch the Migration Wizard. Use the dropdown box to select the SQL Server instance. Cornerstone will create a SQL Database name for you automatically. Depending on the authentication method for your SQL database, you can select either Windows authentication or SQL authentication. If you select SQL Authentication, you will need to enter your credentials in the fields provided. Click on the Test button to establish a connection to the SQL server. If it fails, you will need to check your connectivity to the SQL server. Once you have successfully tested the connection, click on the Next button to create the database. On the final step, click the Migrate button to move your configuration to the SQL database.

NOTE: If you are using Windows authentication, you will need to use a Domain account that has access to the remote SQL server and has the ability to create tables. Please check with your DBA prior to the start of the migration. This domain account must be configured to launch the Cornerstone service as well. Contact SRT Tech Support for more information on this setup. 

3. Finish Migration
When the migration completes, your server should appear online in the Admin console window. Once your server has been migrated to SQL, you can continue to migrate your Registry based servers using the same steps.

If you installed SQL Express on your Cornerstone server, and you are connecting to a Remote SQL server, it is OK to remove the SQL Express, it will not affect your database because it resides on another server. Please verify the database exists on the remote SQL server prior to removing the local installation of SQL Express.
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