Is the trial/demo/evaluation version different from the purchased version?

Is the trial/demo/evaluation version different from the purchased version?

No, there is no difference between the trial/demo/evaluation version and the purchased version. They are the same.

When you install the trial/demo/evaluation version downloaded from our website, it will run as the fully functional product for a period of time. When you purchase the product, simply enter your product registration codes into the trial/demo/evaluation version and it will be activated into the registered version of the software.

Once the software is activated, you can download the latest 'evaluation' build from the website and install it directly over the existing activated/registered software. It will remain in an activated/registered state provided that the product registration code is valid for the new build.

What does this mean exactly? Let's say you have Titan FTP Server 2019 installed on your server, and you receive an email from us indicating there is an update available for the product. To apply the update, simply go to the website (or run the Check For Updates feature in the software), download the latest update and install it directly over the existing 2019 build. All configuration information will be retained and the update will be immediate and transparent.

However, if you have Titan FTP Server 2017 installed and activated with a 2017 product registration code, and you download/install the latest Titan 2019 build from the website, it will still install and update properly, but it will show as Deactivated since the 2017 registration code is not valid for Titan 2019. In this scenario, you'll want to apply your 2019 registration code to re-activate the software. If this situation arises, and you are not able to locate your 2019 product registration code, please contact us.

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