Installing Cornerstone

Installing Cornerstone

Cornerstone MFT Server runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows Server and stores configuration data on a Microsoft SQL Server database. If you do not currently have SQL Server installed, or if you want to use a local SQL Server, the Cornerstone installer includes Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and will give you the opportunity to install it. If you plan to scale Cornerstone to more than one computer for high availability, failover, or disaster recovery, install SQL Server on another computer or virtual machine to allow all Cornerstone Servers to share data.

When you are ready to install Cornerstone, access the most recent version of Cornerstone MFT from the SRT website at at Download the fully functional free trial to begin.

Click this link to the Installation QuickStart, which covers:

  1. Downloading and installing Cornerstone server system files
  2. Launching and navigating your administrative console for the first time
  3. Configuring automatic start for your administrator
  4. Applying your registration codes
  5. An overview of domain setup
  6. Configuring a server
  7. Uninstalling/Removing Cornerstone
  8. Troubleshooting best practices
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