How To: Setup Key Authentication for SFTP in Titan

How To: Setup Key Authentication for SFTP in Titan


How do I setup key authentication for SFTP in Titan.


I have a requirement from end users that need to add an extra layer of security by connecting to Titan via SFTP with key authentication. 


You have the option in Titan to require trusted host keys for authentication or also allow key and/or password authentication to accommodate all of your end user’s requirements.


  1. If you created a server within Titan that utilizes Windows authentication, ensure it does not have the impersonate option enabled. Key authentication is not possible with the windows impersonate option enabled.


  1. Enable SFTP under services.

  1. Create a host key for the server.

  1. Select your newly created key, input the password and click apply.

  1. Select the authentication method:
  1. Require Trusted host keys when accessing this server: When this option is enabled, users can only authenticate with keys.

  1. Allow trusted host key set for this server: When this option is enabled, users can authenticate with keys and/or passwords.

  1. When none of the above options are enabled, users will authenticate using passwords only.

  1. Select a key and assign to the user for authenticating with Titan.

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