How To: Create Disk Quotas In Titan Nextgen

How To: Create Disk Quotas In Titan Nextgen

Titan Nextgen Builds 2.x and above.


How can I enable disk quotas in Titan Nextgen?


I would like to be able to manage the disk space being allocated to each server instance so we can avoid issues with space running out.


You have the option in Titan Nextgen to create disk quotas so we set limits to each user or server instance as a whole to ensure we don’t run out of disk space.


  1. Navigate to the Files/Directories section and click on the “Quotas” tab.

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  1. Click on the “Enable Disk Quotas” check box.
  2. Input the disk space limit you would like in KBs as seen in the below screen:

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  1. Under “free Files” you can include file types which won’t count towards the disk quota.
  2. When done configuring, click on apply.

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  1. Apply the necessary permissions in the above screen by enabling the check boxes below the path.
  2. Click on Add.

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