How To: Change the Database Connection for Titan Server

How To: Change the Database Connection for Titan Server

How To: Change the Database Connection for Titan Server


Can I change the database connection for my Titan Server? After setting up the server to use, for example, a local SQLite server, can I change the database connection to use, say, a pre-existing SQL Server in another location?


Yes, the database connection can be changed after being configured. It can be changed manually following the steps below:


  1. Titan Server installed on the system

  2. Valid Titan Administrator credentials

  3. Server Instance created with User Database Authentication method configured (e.g. SQLite) in which you would like to switch to another method of User Database Authentication (e.g. SQL Server)


  1. Log into the Titan Administrator using valid credentials.

  1. Create a new Server Instance using the Titan Administrator. While setting up this new Server in Titan, choose the Database Connection type and configuration information you wish to use for the your pre-existing Server (e.g. pre-existing SQL Server in another location). Do not worry about protocol configuration or non-default configuration for anything except for the database connection to use.

  2. Ensure both Servers are Stopped.

  3. When finished successfully, you want to Export the server information for each of your servers so you can use the database connection string from the newly created Server to place the proper value into your Primary Server.

  1. Click the … Actions menu to the right of the newly created ServerChoose to “Backup Server Config”.

  1. Open the resulting .nxcfg file using Notepad or other file editor.

  2. The DB Connection String is at the top of the document. Copy the value listed here.

  1. Complete this same Backup process for the Primary Server.

  2. Edit the .nxcfg file for the Primary Server and paste the DB Connection String value in to update the Primary Server. Save the file and close it.
  3. Run an Import process. Browse and select thenxcfg file you edited from your Primary Server. 

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

  1. Choose to Update the existing Server Configuration from the list of options.

A screenshot of a computer errorDescription automatically generated

  1. Stop any Servers that may be running.
  2. Restart the Titan Server Service or Reboot the server system and then start the Primary Server Instance and use as desired.
  3. Once verified, you can Stop and Delete the ‘extra’ Server instance in the environment. Of course, DO NOT delete the now functional Primary Server that has the DB Connection you have properly changed.

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