Error, Unable to connect to the domain

Error, Unable to connect to the domain

Some users will experience the following issue when logging in to the local domain using the Titan or Cornerstone Admin console.

Error, unable to connect to the domain.

This can occur if Java or the Java Service Wrapper software is also installed on the same computer as Titan/Cornerstone.

To correct this issue, you will need to change the default port for the Local Administration Server for Titan/Cornerstone. 

1. Close the Titan/Cornerstone Admin Console Windows.
2. Close the Titan/Cornerstone Tray application.
3. Run Services.Msc and stop the Titan/Cornerstone Service.
4. Run Regedit
5. Go to HKLM\Software\South River Technologies\Titan FTP Server\LDomain
6. Right-Click on the "LASParams" name in the right pane of Regedit and select 'Modify Data'.
7. Ensure that all data in the 'Value Data" box is selected by right-clicking in the box and select 'Select All'
8. 'Copy' this data to the Windows clipboard
9. Run NotePad and 'Paste' the data into notepad. It will resemble this...

10. select "Edit" -> Replace and replace 31000 with another number, 33000, select "REPLACE ALL"

11. Close the Replace window and Right-Click -> Select All again to select all the text in Notepad. 'Copy' this new data to the Clipboard
12. Return to Regedit, Right-Click on the original Value Data again, Select-All and then "PASTE" the new data to replace the old data.
13. Click OK to save the new data and close down Regedit.
14. In the Services Control Panel applet, restart the Titan/Cornerstone Service
15. Run the Titan/Cornerstone Admin Console which will be running on the new port and you will now be able to log in.

If you experience issues, or if you are not comfortable with this process, please contact our technical support team through the helpdesk for assistance.