ADDGROUP and ADDUSER command limitations with non-native authentication

ADDGROUP and ADDUSER command limitations with non-native authentication

SRXConfig allows you to make changes to your server settings via the command line. However, settings related to Users and Groups will only go into effect for servers using native authentication.

Using the srxcfg ADDUSER command shows success on the command line, but does not add the user to Titan/Cornerstone.

Using the srxcfg ADDGROUP command can result in two different errors.

  • If the group exists in the domain, the error is:  
    • Status: Error: 5006, A group by this name already exists.
  • If the group doesn't exist, the error is:  
    • Status: Error: 1117, Unable to locate the requested information in the User Database.  Sub-Error: 2220, The group name could not be found.

Srxcfg.exe works to add/change/delete users/groups for native authentication only. Srxcfg will, however, work for updating/adding/changing server parameters (like server description, IP address, SFTP protocol version, etc.) for non-native server instances.

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