2019: How-To: Updating Titan FTP Server to the latest version

2019: How-To: Updating Titan FTP Server to the latest version

Updating existing Titan FTP Server software to the most current version is the best way to ensure the security of your user's data. While outdated versions of Titan FTP Server should work indefinitely, security standards change and OS manufacturers end support fo the underlying operating systems. Without regular patches and updates, the software may become vulnerable to new methods of hacking. Follow this guide to upgrade from any version of Titan FTP Server without losing your Server, Group, or User configuration data.

Note that updating to the latest release of Titan FTP Server is completely transparent and in-place. All configuration information, user, group and server settings will be retained. There is no need to reconfigure any settings once the updates have been applied.

Back Up Titan Configuration Data

Back up the existing Titan configuration information stored in the system registry:
  1. Open Regedit from the Windows Start -> Run -> Regedit.exe
  2. In the left-hand tree view, expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> South River Technologies
  3. Right-click on the South River Technologies folder item in the left side of RegEdit, select Export to save the entire South River Technologies branch and sub-items to a file.
  4. Save the file as SRT_REGEDIT.REG in "Win 9x/NT" format and store the file in a safe location.
If your Titan server is using TLS/SSL certificates or SSH/SFTP host keys, follow these steps to back up the data:
  1. From the Titan administration console, expand the server site, go to Services -> FTP/SSL and note the location of the Certificate Store folder.
  2. Go to Services -> SFTP/SSH and make note of the location of the SSH Host Keys folder.
  3. Run Windows Explorer and locate these folders on your computer. Make a copy of these folders and store them in a safe location.

Install the latest version of Titan FTP Server

Download the latest version of Titan FTP Server from our website. The Trial/Evaluation version of the software is also the same installer used for the fully registered version of the software. The trial/evaluation version will become the fully registered/purchased version when it finds your product registration code.

Double-click on the product installer to launch the installation process. There's no need to Run As Administrator; simply run the installer normally under a standard Windows user account, or a Windows account with Admin privileges, and the installer will handle the elevation process.

Once the installer has completed, it is highly recommended that the OS is restarted even if the installer did not require a reboot. Rebooting the OS ensures that all old components are removed from memory and replaced with all new Titan components.

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